CanCOM research group

The Canadian Consensus for a Curriculum in Obstetric Medicine is a Canadian research initiative led by Dr Annabelle Cumyn (University of Sherbrooke) and Dr Paul Gibson (University of Calgary). Any physician with an interest in medical education and Obstetric Medicine is welcome to join!


This first study led to the validation of a National content blueprint to address the question: What is the current content domain of Obstetric Medicine in Canada?

This study led to the creation of the following, extensive content blueprint:

CanCOM-content blueprint-for-Obstetric-Medicine

The following publication describes the research project:

Cumyn A, Gibson P.  Validation of a Canadian curriculum in Obstetric Medicine. Obstetric Medicine; 2010;3(4):145-151.



This second initiative is aimed at defining the essential content that, according to Canadian subject matter experts, should be covered during  clinical rotations for PGY4-5 Internal Medicine residents.

CanCOM-II-Essential-content blueprint-for-GIM-residents

This work was the basis for identifying 20 clinical cases that would serve to support content exposure during short clinical rotations.

A description of this work will be published soon.

The cases can be found online.



The usefulness of the 20 clinical cases in reducing the gap in clinical exposure during short clinical rotations is currently the subject of a multi-center, Canadian observational trial.

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