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Meilleurs articles de 2018

Voici la liste des meilleurs articles de 2018 selon Jason Pott et ses collègues du NASOM:

TOP 5 Articles-NASOM 2018


5 best articles in 2017

Here are the 5 top articles from 2017 according to 14 colleagues from NASOM:

NASOM Top 5 of 2017


Essential Evidence Liste- 2016 project

In 2016, Jayson Potts launched a project to create a list of the Top 10 articles that a senior medical resident or Fellow in Obstetric Medicine must know. For details on the approach as well as a list of supplementary readings, please review the following document:

Top 10 for 10 December 2016

A special thanks is extended to all 2016 participants!

Jayson Potts’ 2016 Top 10 articles

SOGC 2014 HTN in pregnancy guidelines

SOGC 2014 venous thromboembolic disease pregnancy

The Magpie Trial Lancet 2002

ACOG 2016 Imaging in pregnancy guidelines

Directives européennes 2011 sur la prise en charge des maladies cardiaques en grossesse

Toronto consensus IBD pregnancy 2016

Bramham 2012 Pregnancy counseling CKD

High-Risk Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy : Part I and II U Elkayam JACC 2016

Askie 2007 ASA meta-analysis for preeclampsia prevention

CHIPS Trial – NEJM 2015

RCOG 2016_Green Top guideline on epilepsy

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